News: Korean Kid Gets Robo-Awesome on the Dance Floor

Korean Kid Gets Robo-Awesome on the Dance Floor

Today's innovation lies in the world of poppin' and lockin'. In fact, WonderHowTo's very own CTO, Bryan Crow, is no stranger to the realm of pop and lock-tastic (ask him, maybe he'll share some tips). But until Bryan posts some vids, we enjoy Korean extraordinaire Edo, as he gets awesomely inhuman for a chance to be the next big star at K-pop factory Cube Entertainment.

Highlight: 0:12- 0:33 is gold.

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His moves are so fluid and original. And his varied facial expressions of fun and surprise and ease put him in a league of his own. He has 'natural' instincts in an old school American craft.

I have to agree... so fluid and yet still so rigid! His strobed movements are quite amazing to watch... kinda hard to believe that people can actually move like that... I have love that his loose fitting and free flowing clothing add to the effect and create an illusion of solid, smooth movements that stop with hard and rigid precision. Bravo sir, keep up the fancy footwork!

facsinating to watch, so at ease

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