How To: Reject or jerk dance

Reject or jerk dance

If you want to learn how to Jerk or Reject dance first you have to skip backwards with your feet! Your first move will be to start off by jumping forward with your right foot and then come back with your right foot in the air. Next jump forward with your left leg and bend up your right leg. Then put your right leg down and your left leg up. Now repeat this same step over but with your other side. This is the simple easy jerk! Another way is to put your right leg up bent to the side and bring this back behind your left leg. Now take your left leg bent up and bring this behind your right leg! Continue to repeat this and you are jerking. Make sure you keep your feet straight. Another move to do is to simply stand up straight then squat down and up, then jump to your right and come back! You can also go down, come back up and kick out each foot! Continue to do these moves and you will know how to jerk and reject perfectly!

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