How To: Dance with your digits in Liquid popping

Dance with your digits in Liquid popping

Liquid Pop Collective put this video out some years ago; adding digits to your Liquid makes it far more stylish and sophisticated than just relying on the old hand-chasing alone. This is an advanced hand-chasing technique.

Add a little candy walk to the mix and you are approaching LiquidPopEric level. (Good luck with that)

Check the playlist for a full 7 minute routine from LiquidPopEric, a liquid tutorial, and other highlights from the video: 66444D195

Again, if anyone knows where to buy the original let me know. The tape is long lost, and I'd like to re-rip.

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Very cool. I like when they put all the different kinds of moves together.

I don't think my fingers are that coordinated though...

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