How To: Airflare in break dance

Airflare in break dance

Just remember, for all powermoves, you have to get used to it. Train holding your body weight on the hand that you lift off with right hand for clockwise. You do not have to be able to balance a 1 handed handstand, just hold an L-kick or pike on that hand. This will strengthen the triceps. Also do not train flexibility by splits, you need all the muscles around ur legs and hands to be flexible. Just do flares and mills for flexibility.

Do not hop, or bend and kick at the knees, with your legs. It makes your air flare look ugly. The airflare should have enough height without hopping (with enough speed, of course), and this diagram in the video explains how airflares that are not verticle work. Do not hop!

While pushing, the body has to keep in balance by the turning (and leaning) of your body and legs.

This is a pretty good video on airflare break moves. It is an intermediate to advanced break move.

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