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News : Break dance session in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

This video was shot in de beautiful and modern city of Rotterdam, in the netherlands, starring the dutch break dancer Stefan Dirven accompained by the song "Freestyle - Crystal ball" I hope you enjoy it and it gives you some some inspiration to go out there and break dance! N ...more

News : Korean Kid Gets Robo-Awesome on the Dance Floor

Today's innovation lies in the world of poppin' and lockin'. In fact, WonderHowTo's very own CTO, Bryan Crow, is no stranger to the realm of pop and lock-tastic (ask him, maybe he'll share some tips). But until Bryan posts some vids, we enjoy Korean extraordinaire Edo, as he g ...more

News : Aussie Chick Gets Schooled by NYC Subway Dancers

Another video from our pals over at Vive Cool City. We've seen the Aussie crew interview the Tokyo Yo-yo Master, as well as the ultra repressed Box Warriors.  This time the unruly Aussies send a cute chick into the NYC subway to witness the mad talents of the underground subw ...more

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